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alternative plans for the end of jobs

Work to earn a living! (STEEMED) It’s been promoted as the best and most honourable way to gain capital, and has served us for millennia. Since time immemorial, people have wanted goods and services, and those goods and services have … Continue reading

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This blog post was originally my reply to a question posted on Kurzweilai forums. I do not think a car would be an artificial general intelligence. For something to qualify as being an AGI, it must have the capacity to … Continue reading

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forum musings (reply to Captn)

>Capitalism aggregates the wealth of billions of people into the hands of a relatively few entities which focus that wealth on achieving the next incremental advance in technology. This wealth tends to go to those entities which have demonstrated an … Continue reading

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Thoughts on what happened to capitalism.

(The following was a response to a comment posted on Hiya James. I have been trying to figure out how and why capitalism degenerated into the corrupt system now in place and I think I have identified a couple … Continue reading

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