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Battle of the Paradigms: The Fight Over Internet Neutrality 

BATTLE OF THE PARADIGMS: THE FIGHT OVER INTERNET NEUTRALITY INTRODUCTION The philosopher Thomas Kuhn saw major scientific theories as being established through ‘paradigm shifts’. According to this view of progress, there is always a ‘paradigm’- a set of prevailing theories … Continue reading

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The Logistics Internet

THE LOGISTICS INTERNET INTRODUCTION Whenever a new technology, machine or tool emerges on the scene, it needs to be given a name. Often, that name is derived from something older, more familiar, and which is reckoned to share some similarities … Continue reading

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alternative plans for the end of jobs

Work to earn a living! (STEEMED) It’s been promoted as the best and most honourable way to gain capital, and has served us for millennia. Since time immemorial, people have wanted goods and services, and those goods and services have … Continue reading

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TECHNOLOGICAL UNEMPLOYMENT: THE HORSE ANALOGY. (STEEMED) Ok, first of all I should admit that this analogy is not an invention of mine. It features in this documentary: But it is a good one so I thought I would spread the … Continue reading

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SNOWCRASHING INTO THE DIAMOND AGE 2 (PART 2): An essay by Extropia DaSilva. IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID. The ability to replicate the means of production themselves from cheaply available elements is what underlies most of the utopian expectations of a … Continue reading

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Diamond rain.

DIAMOND RAIN. It might have been called ‘the rock to alter the course of history’. But that would have seemed too grandiose a name for it during much of its long life. In comparison to the vast and dark and … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN DOLLS: A SCI-FI STORY. ONE. The television set materialised out of thin air, neatly filling the space that Adam had been staring at the moment before. He sat on the edge of his bed which doubled as his sofa … Continue reading

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