Regulars at my weekly discussion group know I try and end each session with an impromptu poem. Here are the ones I made up for the topics we covered in 2012. Enjoy!
SPAMBOTS: When spam can pass as a human being/ I will be in rapture/ until my primary gets confronted/ by impossibly distorted CAPCHTA.
21st CENTURY EDUCATION: So education in the years ahead/ should be done at home/ or so Rhi said/ but they are all a bigotted lot/ or so I am told by Scarp Godenot/ now Gwyn would leave nothing to chance/ fill their minds with brain implants!
DOXXING: Come with anonymity/ but commit a crime and we should see/ your RL details all laid bare/but advocates of this beware/ it may be only a matter of time/ before being anonymous is made a crime.
progress in evolution: This rhyming structure in the end was solved/ around in my head the words revolved/ some fell in place/ others replaced/ in a word: evolved.
STE:ARC: The skin, says stelarc is obsolete/ time it was replaced/ just point and click/ that does the trick/ no feeling in cyberspace.
IDEOLOGIES: So what is an ideology/ a closed belief, according to Rhi/ The rise of the proles/ as Karl marx planned/ or the sign of the dollar/ according to Rand.
TIPLER’S GOD: Is theology pure nonsense/ or will physics incorporate God/ It could be the truth/ but we could have no proof/ Give that Godel fellow a nod.
INTERNET SCENARIO: What make singularity/ come on and place your bets/ the wise of you will agree with me/ it will be the internet/ we can try to upload into machines/ or make machines like us/ but the internet will get there first, the reason is because/ it is about cooperation/ we both do what we do best/ and together as a networked team we pass the hyperintelligence test.
FUNDAMENTALS OF SL: What’s fundmental to SL/ what dare we not change without causing strife/ ‘but we must have change’ Hamlet Au wailed/ even though Blue Mars and many more failed/ so maybe he should see the light/ and realise SL is doing it right?
MAN AND MACHINE: To get the right balance between man and machine/ has any such balance ever been seen/ From what I can tell the balance is off/ Turn in your grave, Issac Assimov!
cloud party: Second Life or cloud party/ which one of them is best/ we put the question to Zobeid Zuma/ she put it to the test/ She logged in to the other world/ and had a little look/ she was gone for a spell/ now she’s back in SL/ ’cause she will not join Facebook.
NICE GUYS: DO nice guys really finish last/ the question has us vexed/ but Artcrash has the reason why/ the bad guys get all the sex!
SAVING SL: Hamlet says SL is doomed/ a story to which he is sticking/ he insists it will all come falling down/ like a modern day Chicken Licken.
IMPLANTING PHONES: Now I’ve implanted my mobile phone/ all the world’s knowledge is mine to own/ and all my friends know where I am/ and all my mind is filled with spam.
TECH AND BLINDNESS: When the blind can drive cars/ you know we’ve come far/ in realising transhumanist dreams/ But cool shiney tec/ is not all we expect/ Roxie wants cars driven by steam.
OPTIMISM: If the future is bad/ try not to be sad/ break from the pessimist’s prison/ put a smile on your face/ and state the case/ for good old optimism.
OC OBSOLETE? We worked at the desk/ ’till we needed to nap/ then worked with computers that sat on our lap/ then stared down at tablets/ and this is what’s next/ permanent AR from cyborgified Specs!
Without inhibitions we’d be on a mission/ for sex be it hetero or homo/ with adults or minor/ either is finer/ in short, we’d be just like Bonobos!
Who shouldn’t get married/ according to Rhi/ anyone who wants to aught to be free/ some say not in RL and SL as well/ some think the whole thing should just go to hell!
SL AND SEX PERMISIVENESS: SL is permissive/ for dominatrix, submissives/ furries, Nekos and Gor/ but I am warning you dude/ if you walk around nude/ the sims will give you what for!
TECH AND TEACHING: Does tech get in the way in the classroom/ sometimes it does, so I’ve heard/ While your supposed to be seating/ and usefully reading/ your’re all playing Angry Birds.
GENDER NEUTRALITY: Some people try for gender neutrality/ others say it is phony/ the former see the eventuality/ of all loving My Little Pony.
AGE OF ABUNDENCE If all is abundance I would not spend much time/ trying to make up each Thinker end rhyme/ instead I would press a button, you know it/ guess it calls for the Kurzweil bot-poet.
KNOWING DEATH: Does an animal know/ it’s gonna be dead/ does it hold mortality in it’s head/ but without words/ how would it convey/ and how was it told this, anyway?
CORY AND COPYRIGHT: Khannea’s poem I cut and paste/ to store with the others will all due haste/ next year’s anthology you realise/ will contain that poem plagurised!
MATURE WEB: How would the web be if it were mature/ we have some ideas but I am not sure/ Lem insists it needs regulation/ others see the Google corporation/ and want their searcjes to be more pure/ whereas Gwyn just wants to know for sure.
WILL WORK FOR FREE (KHANNEA SUNTZU’S POEM) I am a hambster in a wheel, my owner makes me feel like a heel, I go around my merry cage, run and run without being paid a decent wage. If only this hamster wheel had a way to score, this goddamn treadmill wouldn’t be such a goddamn bore.
NEUROSCIENCE AND LAW: The ‘brain made me do it’ defense/ does it really make any sense?/ if you try that plea/ they’ll throw away the key/ on some ‘incurable’ pretense.
FUSS OVER FOX: Controversy can occur/ over faux fox turned to fur/ which just goes to show/ if you didn’t yet know/ some people’s beliefs are absurd.
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