Volta at Thinkers

[2012/03/27 15:31]  Extropia DaSilva: Welcome to Thinkers!
[2012/03/27 15:31]  Scarp Godenot: That is a fine strategy, where do I get one of these ‘sisters’, you speak of…
[2012/03/27 15:31]  Chance (miss.zadark): No kidding.
[2012/03/27 15:31]  Extropia DaSilva: especially Leezah who joins us today for the first time..
[2012/03/27 15:32]  Extropia DaSilva: Today the topic is…
[2012/03/27 15:32]  Extropia DaSilva: Who shouldn’t get married?
[2012/03/27 15:32]  Ivy Sunkiller: Khannea and Barrack Obama
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): quentin tarantino
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Toy (aeni.silvercloud): haha
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): wes craven
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Scarp Godenot: Rush Limbaugh
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Zobeid Zuma: haha! 😀
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): cameron dias
[2012/03/27 15:33]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): sharapova
[2012/03/27 15:34]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): diaz*
[2012/03/27 15:34]  Extropia DaSilva: what is it about those mentioned that should exclude them from marriage?
[2012/03/27 15:34]  Extropia DaSilva: Bet Ari would marry Cameron Diaz if he could;)
[2012/03/27 15:34]  Arisia Vita: 🙂
[2012/03/27 15:35]  Extropia DaSilva: see, knew it. I know his type!
[2012/03/27 15:35]  Scarp Godenot: hmmmmm, who shouldn’t get married. I would say older people with lots of independent property of their own with kids from previous marriages. They wouldn’t want to complicate the finances and the inheritances…..
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Scarp Godenot: Also, people who don’t like each other shouldn’t get married.
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Extropia DaSilva: wouldn’t or shouldn;t? If they would not they would decide for themselves that marriage is ruled out.
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): right
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Well then of course, there is the ongoing national conversation that gays shouldn’t be married…
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Zobeid Zuma: Should anybody get married? Or is this an outmoded institution?
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Extropia DaSilva: Is it cynical to get married more than once?
[2012/03/27 15:36]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): But that is probably another conversation entirely….
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Scarp Godenot: It is optomistic to get married more than once….
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Chance (miss.zadark): I’d have to say anyone who is destined for failure in their marriage. Like… those who are getting married for reasons other than love – like simply because someone ended up pregnant.
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Extropia DaSilva: I think it is on topic Leezah.
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Ok
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Extropia DaSilva: So if you have a comment about that, go ahead:)
[2012/03/27 15:37]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): marriage is a tool for one who wants to build a family
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): People who want to get married should get marr; people who don’t, shouldn’t.
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): well, two!
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): End of discussion
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Scarp Godenot: Marriage is about economics when you pull back and look at the reasons for it across multiple cultures. Inheritance is part of the economics of it.
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Scarp Godenot: The ‘Family Unit’ is an economic unit.
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): Volta nods at thiannon
[2012/03/27 15:38]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Well my comment on that is that being successully married requires some tools, maturity, common values, relationship cultivation experience, many things…… but those things are not exclusive to people with just one sexual orientation.
[2012/03/27 15:39]  Extropia DaSilva: So you believe the church and state have no say whatsoever in who gets married, Rhi?
[2012/03/27 15:39]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): I don’t think the church has any say over who gets married now….
[2012/03/27 15:39]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extropia, the State should keep it’s paws out of it; the church should only be involved if the people involved want it involved.
[2012/03/27 15:39]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): No one needs to have a church ceremony to have a legal marriage…
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Extropia DaSilva: Well it does. I could not walk into a church with Seren and expect to get married.
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): wooww rhiannon..
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Extropia, well no one can walk into just ANY church and expect the pastor to allow them to marry in that church….
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): It’s not McDonalds….
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Extropia DaSilva: Rhi, if a ten year old girl wants to marry her 13 year old boyfriend, is that OK?
[2012/03/27 15:40]  Scarp Godenot: Let’s not forget that marriage is a contract, and the laws of WHATever culture define that contract. Soooo if you don’t want the positives and negatives of those laws. Then don’t get married.
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): oh by the way, hi Rhi!! **waves**
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, and no one needs the State either. I heard of this one man who couldn’t get married legally, as his identity had been stolen, so as far as the State was concerned, he was already married. Went to a lawyer, drew up a contract with his fiance, establishing all the legal obligatgions as if they were married, power of attorney, etc., then had a Chruch ceremony. NOt legally married, but married nonetheles
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Scarp Godenot: Extie. since we are talking about contracts here. Most cultures have decided that there are ages that are too young to enter into legal contracts.
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): And hie Leezah, and all those who didn’t say hi to me
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): well go to go
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): thats was a fun
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Extropia DaSilva: bye Volta.
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): thanks extropia
[2012/03/27 15:41]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): But what about social security benes if one spouse dies, Rhi?
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): bye, Jerome
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Scarp Godenot: You are Re Volta ing?
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Volta (jerome.ronzales): n’evening folks
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, now that is a good question, but I don’t believe in social secruity either.
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Extropia DaSilva: Groan, Scarp!
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Bye Volta! Nice to meet you!
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Retirement accounts can be shared
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Scarp Godenot: har
[2012/03/27 15:42]  Extropia DaSilva: Zo, where do you stand on the marriage as outmoded institution question?
[2012/03/27 15:43]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): True, it wuldn’t be a full marriage; he didn’t have to pay taxes either. He tried, the IRS refused to let him, as the other guy ha dfiled
[2012/03/27 15:43]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Retirement accounts, but what about social security benes for the surviving spouse when the State doesn’t acknowledge them legally as a marital partner??
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, well, what the STate gives, the State taketh away; yes, certain State privileges would be denied.
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Extropia DaSilva: Oh helo Gwynie:)
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: OOps sorry for stumbling on top of you, Rhi!
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Scarp Godenot: You shouldn’t be married to non humans I’m thinking. Because they don’t understand the contract…..
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: And hi all 🙂
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): It’s ok, Gwyn; still rezzing anyway
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Scarp Godenot: I’d know that Hi anywhere
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Zobeid Zuma: Eh? I don’t have any deep analysis on that. I just observed that… a lot of people are delaying marriage, or not getting married, and the divorce rate is really high… and it just doesn’t seem to be what it used to be. Just looking at the trends.
[2012/03/27 15:44]  Zobeid Zuma: Hi Gwyn!
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Extropia DaSilva: Oh you mean like that woman who thinks she is in a romantic relationship with the Golden Gate bridge, Scarp?
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Scarp Godenot: I think people delay marriage because they don’t need the benefits of the marriage contract.
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Zoe, so how does Gwyn rate a hi,and not me?
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Scarp Godenot: Yes, and the guy who wants to marry his pet sheep too.
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Zobeid Zuma: Because I saw Gwyn come in.
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Divorce rates in the U.S. are horrible because there isn’t a stigma about being divorced in most social circles in this country.
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: haha — andhi Zo
[2012/03/27 15:45]  Adam Rosenstar: I think people delay marriage because society doesn’t give a crap about marriage anymore.
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Zobeid Zuma: And I still don’t see Rhi, where is she hiding?
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Adam Rosenstar: There is no shame being unmarried and screwing around.
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Extropia DaSilva: At the rez point, Zo.
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Zobeid Zuma: Oh, behind me. 😛
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Let me give you a piece of Government silliness in my country… if you’re married, you pay MORE taxes. Guess what everybody is doing?…. Right. Unless you’re really keen on the big wedding party (and who can afford one these days!), who cares about the “legal contract”….
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Extropia DaSilva: But there is an advantage. Married couples are significantly more happy than those who co-habit.
[2012/03/27 15:46]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I think that statistic is bollocks 😀
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Vixen collar (spine): whispers: Submit plugin: Escape not permitted
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Adam Rosenstar: So it’s clothing optional here? lol
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Extropia DaSilva: Which part of the study did you disagree with?
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: What magtters is the kind of *compromise* the partners have.
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: *matters
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Scarp Godenot: Well who cares about the legal contract? Well anyone who is interested in owning joint assets and wants the protection of inheritance needs the marriage contract.
[2012/03/27 15:47]  Extropia DaSilva: Yes Adam. Wear what you like, including nothing.
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Adam Rosenstar: Yikes.
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: So, yes, partners with compromises are more happy tha those who don’t compromise on anything but just happen to live together
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Scarp, well, except for state established privileges, you can establish all of tht by an ordinary contract
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Scarp: it’s getting less and less important these days
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Indeed, Rhi
[2012/03/27 15:48]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Also, you need to have something worth inheriting beyond debts… hehe
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Scarp Godenot: You can replace a contract with a contract that says the same thing? haha Why do that?
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Look, I’m not against “marriage”. In fact, I’m all about partners taking vows together and sticking to them for the rest of their lives!
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Even medical decisions, like whether to pull the plug; i have Rosalyn’s power of attorney.
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Zobeid Zuma: Doesn’t the word “marriage” still have any symbolic power of its own?
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Adam Rosenstar: I am too, Gwyn.
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Extropia DaSilva: If marriage is so unimportant why do we not just say ‘ahhh what the hell, get married’ to gays instead of having headline news bulletins abou church leaders claiming it heralds the appocalypse?
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Scarp Godenot: Marriage has definite symbolic and cultural power, Zo. I would think.
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Zoe, it clearly does, or there wouldn’t be fights over civil unions vs. marriages
[2012/03/27 15:49]  Adam Rosenstar: I think it does, Zobeid.
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Scarp Godenot: It signifies committment and caring.
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: because we’re silly? 🙂
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): It’s important, Extie, but the legal aspects of it are not that important
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Or there are alternatives to them.
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Well marriage is important to those who think it is sacred, Extropia, or who think God defines marriage a certain way….
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Gwyneth Llewelyn is all for protecting co-habiting people, no matter what their gender/relationship might be 😉
[2012/03/27 15:50]  Extropia DaSilva: Good for you, Gwyn!
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Leezah: that’s matrimony.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): The emotional, religious, cultural aspects are more important
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Scarp Godenot: Do you want the rights of family when your loved one is ill? Marriage provides that legal right.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): For most people though, I think marriage is not deeply important….
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, and God can have Her say in the church
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Matrimony is a holy religious sacrament, at least in Christianity
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Marriage is just a legal contract.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, good distinction
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: For Christians, there is no difference
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Right Gwyn.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Not distinction… that’s what it means…. but in most Christian countries, people have forgot about the difference
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Scarp Godenot: In the USA, there is no mention of religion in the marriage statutes.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Oh I see the difference Gwyn, and I am most definitely Christian.
[2012/03/27 15:51]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, and that’s my point; you can substitute the marriage license for another contract that establishes most of it.
[2012/03/27 15:52]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): I haven’t met any Christians who think the same way on everything though….
[2012/03/27 15:52]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: scarp: in most democratic countries, marriage is one thing, the holy sacrament of matrimony is another. In most you take both together, if you’re a Christian
[2012/03/27 15:52]  Chance (miss.zadark): Marriage is just a legal thing to a lot of people…. I mean, people live together for years, living as a couple, without being married, and function just the same.
[2012/03/27 15:52]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Marriage *is* just a legal thing 😉
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Matrimony, on the other hand, isn’t.
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Scarp Godenot: Marriage is a legal thing, yes. And it is a valuable legal thing to have if you want to form an economic unit with another.
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sure, like any kind of contract
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): For example, I know some Christians who view some couples are married under God and other couples who say they are partners as not being “married under God”.
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Subletting contracts…
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Are those potty chairs I see right next to me?
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Extropia DaSilva: But if Ari met a woman and they slipped on rings and just told everyone ‘we are married’ what would the law do about that? Prosecute them?
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, the Catholic church does not recognize re-marriages (except to the original spouses).
[2012/03/27 15:53]  Scarp Godenot: Rhi is dissing my chairs….. sigh
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): I will ask, “are Bob and Dave married?” and someone will say “not under God but in their home they are.”
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Extropia DaSilva: I think Rhi is on iphone?
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Extropia DaSilva: She has text but no visuals, maybe.
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Nice chairs, Scarp.
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): A person’s second spouse is not his wife or husband
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well Extie, in some countries that’s all there is to a “sacred union” — taking vows together, and that’s it
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Scarp Godenot: Bob and Dave NEED to be legally married in order to have the Rights that that brings.
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): No, I can see, but the chairs look like there is a big round hole in them.
[2012/03/27 15:54]  Zobeid Zuma: That brings up an interesting subject…. they do prosecute polygamy, don’t they?
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I mean, the “sacred union” thing is only important to the ones in it 🙂 Whereas marriage is a legal contract where the State has a saying.
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Scarp, the only right missing is social security benefits transferring; as Leezah pointed out
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Zoe, only if there’s pressure–at least in Mormon places
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Scarp Godenot: NOt true
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Zo: yes, if by that it means entering legal contracts of marriage with more than one person
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Extropia DaSilva: Oo that is a good point. Should polygamy still be outlawed?
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Well Zo, remember that reality show “Sister Wives”? Cody was only married to one woman legally but the other women were considered his wives by the other wives.
[2012/03/27 15:55]  Scarp Godenot: You don’t have medical family rights, and you don’t have joint property rights.
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: no, if we’re talking about legal rights only.
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): So in the U.S., it is legally permissible to have many women in your home in the role of a wife but you just can’t legally marry all of them….
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Scarp Godenot: yes
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, the Mormons get around it by Church weddings, legal contracts like the ones I’ve been mentioning. Only one State recognized spouse
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: “Maybe” if we’re talking about the sacred union thing; it depends on culture and religion
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Adam Rosenstar: I think of you are married in RL… you shouldn’t be able to have a wedding and a marriage here in SL. 😛
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, yes, exactly
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Leezah: right! Not onlhy in the US!
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: *only
[2012/03/27 15:56]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): But you can be in matrimony with them.
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Oh right Gwyn, not only in the U.S…..true.
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Chance (miss.zadark): See, to me that sounds like intolerance…. You should be able to marry who you want (given you have spiritual reason behind it if taking more than one) and split rights between them how you see fit.
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Extropia DaSilva: Not even if your Sl partner is your husband or wife?
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Adam: if you’re married, that’s ok 🙂 If you have entered the sacred vows of holyh matrimony, then it’s a matter between you and your partner
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Adam Rosenstar: That would be the only exception, Ext.
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I think it is intolerance, Chanoe
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Chance: I agree!
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): People are married in SL but haven’t even met in person!
[2012/03/27 15:57]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): I do not understand the whole SL marriage thing…
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Extropia DaSilva: if you get partnered in Sl first, should that exclude you from marriage in RL?
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Adam Rosenstar: Not if it’s to the same person lol
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Not from legal marriage, no!
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, and I see nothing wrong with taht, as long as the people are comfortable with that
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Extropia DaSilva: well you craft a relationship in SL, Leezah.
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, totally ddifferent legal statuses.
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Well aren’t some people married to one person in SL and another person in RL???
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Extropia DaSilva: YOu meet someone in Sl, spend time with them, grow to love them..and you get partnered.
[2012/03/27 15:58]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Anyone can say they’re married to as many people as they choose.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Scarp Godenot: So let’s think back into history and multiple cultures and religions and see what marriage has in common accross them. 1) The right of inheritance of the offspring 2) the right of forming an economic unit.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Extropia DaSilva: yes, sometimes they are.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Chance (miss.zadark): There’s no legal contract in SL once you marry, though… there’s no government in SL to divide your property if you get divorced.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah, well, legally, they are only saying they are married to the SL person.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: But if you take holy vows in either SL or RL, wellllll that will depend on the religion you believe in hehe
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): No marriage license, no witnesses, no nothing.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Adam Rosenstar: That’s the thing I dislike, Leezah. Cheaters, two timers, etc.
[2012/03/27 15:59]  Extropia DaSilva: OK..
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Adam, is it cheating if everyone knows about it, agrees to it, and no one is harmed?
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Extropia DaSilva: Now this is unusual but I am introducing a new topic now…
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Extropia DaSilva: For the last half hour we are discussing…
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Extropia DaSilva: Why can we have only one registered partner in SL? Is this some kind of moral judgement in favour of monogamy and therefore discriminating against other kinds of union?
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Or are you with the Church–only one marriage, for a lifetime. BTW, the Catholics are right about that–Jesus said that, not the Pope
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Adam Rosenstar: I think it is. Marriage is between two people… not a group of people who can’t choose who to be faithful to.
[2012/03/27 16:00]  Chance (miss.zadark): That’s a good point, Extropia.
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, I didn’t know that, but yes, that sound discriminatory
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Scarp Godenot: Yes, it is a moral judgement in favor of monogamy! haha
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Especially with polyamoury being almost a norm here
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: I think it’s a moral judgement, too
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Adam Rosenstar: So if it’s the norm… it’s good?
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Extropia DaSilva: I mean, I would like to partner with Jamie but it is not possible since neither she nor I wish to ‘divorce’ the people we ARE partnered to.
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Scarp Godenot: It would be interesting to change that partner thing and see what would happen….
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): I didn’t know only one registered partner in SL is allowed….
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Only one, yes
[2012/03/27 16:01]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Adam, neither good nor bad, but I think Extie has a valid point about linden policy
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I agree, Rhi
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Scarp Godenot: And if one breaks up with the others, do they have to break up with all of them at once? Or can they just break up with one of them?
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Now that’s a nice question hehe
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Imagine the drama in SL with polygamy allowed by the Lindens…..
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, actually, i think that’s neat, in a way; only one person is special enough
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Extropia DaSilva: Or Ivy. What if she wants to partner all her toys and dolls?
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Toy (aeni.silvercloud): there is only one toy and she’s already partnered 😉
[2012/03/27 16:02]  Adam Rosenstar: Lindens have the right to enforce any policy they wish. Maybe they are secretly devout Catholics. 😉
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Chance (miss.zadark): Haha.
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Extropia DaSilva: Ah. So you think it cheapens the idea of multiple partnerships are allowed?
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: hehe Adam
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Yeah, although Extie has a valid point, I think I like the present system.
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Scarp Godenot: So if you are Polyandrous in SL and have …say…. 5 partners that are SL married, Does it take a majority vote to divorce one of them?
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Adam, well, not quite, as they allow divorce and re-partnering. Divorce costs more than marriage, though.
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: BTW, does being a “partner” really make a difference? It’s so long since I read that up….
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): It depends Scarp….
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Scarp 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:03]  Chance (miss.zadark): LMAO Scarp.
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, kind of, I think. Don’t quote me on it. lol
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Adam Rosenstar: Ok.. maybe they are secretly devout Jews then.
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Rhi: thus echoing RL…. hehe
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyneth, only to the people involved. OMG! Just like marriage
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Extropia DaSilva: Actually, you know, the biggest sign of commitment and trust you can give to a fellow Sler is to allow full mod rights.
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, our ideas chorused there
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: right!
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Ivy Sunkiller: multiple partners is nice, but I can’t really find another person as brilliant as toy
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, oh, that is true
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: so sweet, Ivy 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: I agree!
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Okay…. so how many people here would be interested in having more than one life partner in RL???
[2012/03/27 16:04]  Ivy Sunkiller: sapiosexualist inside me gets bored with most people quickly 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: If that’s the qualifying criterium, then I have several full-mod partners… lol
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Scarp Godenot: So If I can be married to suzy and julie and celia and celia dumps me but gets married to Joe and Fred Is she still married to Julie and Suzy? And if so, are Julie and Suzy them married to Joe and Fred?
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, you can have full mod business partners, personal partners; it’s not quite the same thing
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Leezah: not me! I already split the flat with a human and a non-human, and that’s enough for me!
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Ivy Sunkiller: Leezah: depends, can they all cook?
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): LOL Ivy
[2012/03/27 16:05]  Extropia DaSilva: Scarp that made no sense whatsoever.
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I have only one non-alt as an ofrficer of my group, and she has full rights over my stuff too.
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ivy: that’s what my partner always says (she used to be poly iRL)
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Ivy Sunkiller: on a serious note, there are cultures that do allow that
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Yes. they do, Ivy….
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Scarp: you should have been a lawyer in a country where polygamy is allowed 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Ivy Sunkiller: one might doubt the happiness of the wives
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Extropia DaSilva: BTW who would agree that marrying somebody other than your husband/ wife in SL is wrong, period?
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Ivy Sunkiller: but still
[2012/03/27 16:06]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Scarp, that question was addsressed by the Church of All Worlds, as they first based their marriage rules on Heinlein’s Stranger in a Starnge Land.
[2012/03/27 16:07]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): But in the book, not only would you “grok” the other person, if you didn’t like him, you could rotate him 90 degress from anything.
[2012/03/27 16:07]  Scarp Godenot: I think that having multiple people in a marriage relationship needs to have the caveat. You are either on the bus or off the bus. You dump one you have to leave all.
[2012/03/27 16:07]  Adam Rosenstar: Extropia… I would agree with that. It’s wrong.
[2012/03/27 16:07]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, nobody agreed. I think Adam and Gwyn believed that
[2012/03/27 16:08]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Scarp, your chair finally rezzed; no longer looks like a potty charir to me; just so you know
[2012/03/27 16:08]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Depends… hmm… let me give you an example. Some Muslim countries allow that a man marries a woman and all her sisters, if he’s rich enough. The idea is that this saves resources and time, the other sisters might not easily get such a good marriage. But this is not so strange. In most Mediterranean countries, until the 1930s or even as late as the 1950s, it would be usual to have “large families” where aunts would raise the common children on behalf of everybody in the “large family”
[2012/03/27 16:08]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: It was not a “legal” marriage, of course
[2012/03/27 16:08]  Extropia DaSilva: what if your avatar does not represent you, but is a fictional character? Would that avatar have a right to its own life and its own loves?
[2012/03/27 16:08]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: but one assumed that all aunts would be living together
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: I’d love to see you prove that in court…
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: “I’m not me” 🙂 That’s hard to prove!
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Adam Rosenstar: LOL… now our avatars don’t represent us? Come on.
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, well, that’s a good questin. I knew one guy who had a deep affair with an avatar who turned out to be quite different than he expected–like married in RL and a different gender.
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Adam, Extie *claims* her avatar doesn’t represent her, but it’s a weak claim 😉
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Extropia DaSilva: I represent no one but myself.
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: See? 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Adam Rosenstar: It’s very weak.
[2012/03/27 16:09]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Very.
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): My avatar is a fictional character, Extropia. **chuckles** My bio is not fiction.
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: No court would allow that, but many would ask for a medical opinion 😉
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Adam, that’s a *whole* ‘nother topic.
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): The external depiction of my avatar is fiction, I should say….
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Extropia DaSilva: It is not weak at all. Is an actor being weak when he speaks of the character he plays in the third person?
[2012/03/27 16:10]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, on the question of whether avatars represent us, I go back to Pamala Clifft’s distinctions.
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Scarp Godenot: The problem that happens in ALL polygamist cultures after a while is that you run short on women and have an abundance of men. This makes it not work in the long run. Or it can only work for the ruling or wealthy class.
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: no actor claims that their roles have a life on their own 😉
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): And some of my alts do and some don’t. Rhiannon represents me; Huntress represents me; but I have avatars that don’t represent *anybody*
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Scarp: yes, historically you’re correct
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Hi Violet!
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): You have more than two Rhi???
[2012/03/27 16:11]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: The same applies to the polyandrous societies too
[2012/03/27 16:12]  Extropia DaSilva: But if their roles could speak, THEY would;)
[2012/03/27 16:12]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: That’s conjecture 😉
[2012/03/27 16:12]  Scarp Godenot: All interaction is role playing. There, I’ve said it.
[2012/03/27 16:12]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Hey all you invisible people 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:12]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, in SL, you run out of women, you get the guys to play them; or you have the guy use multiple alts
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hear hear Scarp! You’re SO right!
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Rhi: true 🙂 or so I’ve been told lol
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I wonder if it’s still the case though
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): SL may be the only place wherepolygamy will work
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hmm
[2012/03/27 16:13]  Extropia DaSilva: ..anyway shall we get back on topic…marriage, Sl partnering…anything to say on those subjects?
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: There are really a lot of “communities” living together iRL
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Leezah last time I counted, I have 20 alts
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Extropia DaSilva: 20?
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: One might not see them as “married” but they are for all purposes
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Extropia DaSilva: Crumbs.
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): 20.
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: 20 alts, Rhi! LoL — that’s too expensive in clothes for them all!
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Extropia DaSilva: How does your primary cope? Or do you have more than one like Gwyn?
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Wait…. I remembered…. are they all naked??? hehe
[2012/03/27 16:14]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, birric went through 40 the first few weeks he was banned at PI; until battle fatigue set in on those who were supposed to ban him.
[2012/03/27 16:15]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, not all of them; and you have the library
[2012/03/27 16:15]  Extropia DaSilva: A body that good is expensive too, Gwyn. I should know, I shopped for a new skin and anything as good as Rhi’s body would set you back thousands;)
[2012/03/27 16:15]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I thought if he could have over 40; 20 might be enough for me, as my alts lasted longer than his
[2012/03/27 16:15]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hehe Extie 😀
[2012/03/27 16:16]  Scarp Godenot: The most interesting thing about sexual role playing in SL is that you Can have a lesbian woman playing a man in SL in order to love a woman having sex with a gay man playing a woman in order to love a man. When they have sex, both parties are getting what they want, but in the opposite way they expect…. heh
[2012/03/27 16:16]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, actually, I got this shape for 1500L, a real bargain; the skin was fsree as long as I mention that it’s *curio*
[2012/03/27 16:16]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): The feet were a little costly–600L
[2012/03/27 16:16]  Extropia DaSilva: you did well there, Rhi.
[2012/03/27 16:16]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Well, Rhi, for me personally the problem with multiple alts is that it also takes time to make each worth having… I mean, there is no point in having alts “parked” somewhere and never used. All ought to be deeply participating in SL… and that requires plenty of time
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I have one alt that I only had to pay for the feet; people gave me the shape, ,the skin, the hair
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie I did, really well. My first custom avatar was 7000L
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Scarp: one day, this question will be asked iRL and it will be so much fun…. hehe
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Pebeal Quanary, if anyone’s interested
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Yeah, I don’t even have energy enough for one SL, let alone 20-40
[2012/03/27 16:17]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Violet: same here!!
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Extropia DaSilva: Would you agree that if you love someone in Sl, you depend upon their RL self being, in some way, just like their SL self?
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, as far as the deeply participating ones, maybe three or four at the most. I use one for privacy.
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): *Quandary
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Extropia DaSilva: Like, you believe there are aspects of a self that cannot be faked, and it is those aspects you love?
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ha. Now THAT is the 64-million-dollar question, Extie!
[2012/03/27 16:18]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I actually spend 95%+ of my time as Rhiannon; counting Huntress 99% of my time.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Depends on how you think about their “self,” Extie….I think people can’t help but have the same qualities, to be honest; they just manifest in different ways…you might have to relearn how to read them
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Extie, I’m not sure you do; as long as it stays in SL
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Scarp Godenot: So the question is: can you love someone who is being fake? And the answer is obvious. Yes.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Now, if you want to go beyond SL, that is important.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I claim that you cannot be in love with anyone in that common sense of the word; because you will just feel attracted to your own projection of what you *think* the other person is.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Yes it is possible to love an imposter, Scarp.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): But again, there’s that guy who was deeply involved, 4 hours a day, with a female avi, who turned out to be a married man.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: So, SL or SL…. that’s irrelevant. You will *always+ just “fall in love” with projections of your own mind.
[2012/03/27 16:19]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): The man part he could handle; the married part devastated him
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Most people do love their idea of someone more than the person, I think.
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: That’s interesting, Rhi
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Extropia DaSilva: But how can it stay in SL? Love is a physical thing, changes to brain state. If I REALLY love Seren, my primary’s brain has to be saturated with hormones and neurotransmitters that make you fall in love.
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Violet: I’d be hard pressed to see a counter-example! I’d say “all”, not “Most”.
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): It took him over 3 years to recover; he’s 99% recovered now
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Aw poor guy, Rhi….
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Extie: you’re talking about PASSION.
[2012/03/27 16:20]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Not “love”.
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): I always leave wiggle room, Gwyn 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Extropia DaSilva: I am talking about being in love.
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: That means, “feelinmg your strong emotions of attraction to someone else”?
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: If so, then that’s just passion. Emotions.
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Extropia DaSilva: I love my sparky antenna but I am not IN love with them.
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Scarp Godenot: That said, it isn’t that difficult to determine if another person, regardless of any RL characteristics, is interested in the same things and is on the same ‘wavelength’ as you as far as humor and worldview goes…….
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, you know what it means, even if you can’t define it
[2012/03/27 16:21]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Sure I can!
[2012/03/27 16:22]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I know pretty well what my emotions are 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:22]  Extropia DaSilva: Oh hello Giles!
[2012/03/27 16:22]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: And I know very well how to separate “passion/attraction” from “love”
[2012/03/27 16:22]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: In that line of thought, I agree that it’s HARD to feel the same level of passion/attractrion for an avatar, but not “impossible”.
[2012/03/27 16:22]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Love, however, has nothing to do with physical emotions.
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): I think loving someone does drive you to want more of their presence…not even necessarily in a passionate way, but mundane as well…it takes a certain amount of time and energy for me to sit at my computer that sometimes I don’t have, but will muster up somehow if I care about the person I’m talking with
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): OM! Gilles materialized before I teleported him. You been eating neutrinos, boy?
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: You mean tachyons 😉
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Extropia DaSilva: See, my theory is we accept that how a person looks probably does not match up in RL. But when it comes to how they ARE, we hope there IS a match.
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): But it’d be a lot easier to just plop somebody on a comfy seat on my porch.
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Rhiannon of the Birds wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t tp’d him
[2012/03/27 16:23]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hope, expectations, fears of not being what we are… we’re in the realm of emotions and feelings 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): No, Gwyn, netrinos, which have been observed going FTL no matter how they fix they instruments.
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Gilles Kuhn: hello all
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Rhi, stop violating causality! I’ll release Einstein on you!
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): Hi Gilles
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): The instruments have been f***d up for over a decade now, but clearly they are, as that isn’t possible
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Gilles Kuhn: and well occam razor rhi ari did the trick
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Arisia Vita: 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Hmm I have to read more about that, then; to the best of my knowledge, only tachyons were supposed to go FTL
[2012/03/27 16:24]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gilles, no, not occam’s razor; you have to posit two tps, and one will do.
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Extropia DaSilva: Like take Jamie, my best friend. I really like to think there is something ‘Jamieish’ about her primary, something I could love even if our primaries might not look twice at each other if they met.
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Let me ask you a simple question, Extie.
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Extropia DaSilva: go on..
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, well, the “eplanation” that saves the hypothesis (relativity physics) is that neutronos are realling goinb backwards in time.
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Would you be willing to do everything in order for Jamie to be happy, no matter if Jamie does the same to you or even thanks you for it?
[2012/03/27 16:25]  Gilles Kuhn: about physical avies appearance i must say *scratch his rl ears….*
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): Oooh good q, Gwyneth.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Extropia DaSilva: yes.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: That’s love.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Nothing else matters.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Gilles Kuhn: rhi the explanation is that the italian fucked up with some wire connections….
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): And one set of experiments that have been going on for over 7 years, with those state of the art, f**k’d up instruments is shotting them into a box, and they exit before they enter.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Leezah (leezahsmiles): But why is it only defined as “love” when it is unconditional, Gwyneth?
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: And it doesn’t even matter what your projection of Jamie’s “inner self” is or not; provided you only wish Jamie to be happy, no matter who Jamie is or isn’t, then you’re in love.
[2012/03/27 16:26]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gilles, the Italians, the French, the English, ,the Americans.
[2012/03/27 16:27]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Leezah: because if it’s conditional, it means that you’re hooked on having expectations, and this taints the purity of the emotion.
[2012/03/27 16:27]  Extropia DaSilva: Tell you another interesting thing…I know what Seren’s primary looks like and although she is not attractive, I see her as beautiful because I know, in some sense, that is Seren.
[2012/03/27 16:27]  Gilles Kuhn: no rhi actually the italian which btw i predicted when i heard first of that result : when i heard the labs was in italy i said ok no risk for einstein….
[2012/03/27 16:27]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Of course, if BOTH love each other, there is no problem: each only worries abouit making the other one happy 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:27]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Well, aren’t we all in love with a projection? Until we really get to know the person? And can’t we all really know the person’s soul, no matter what the projection.
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): “Her lips are soft and cool; her eyes are clear and bright; but she’s *not* there.”
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): I don’t usually find people attractive till I’ve known ’em for a while
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Gilles Kuhn: rhi its ALWAYS a projection that you love
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Extropia DaSilva: zombies!
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Extropia DaSilva: I love that song.
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): heh 🙂
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Arisia Vita: In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes,
 For they in thee a thousand errors note;
 But ’tis my heart that loves what they despise. – Shakespeare
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Rhi: yes, we are! However what matters is the intention; you can do all you can to make that projection happy, and if you do that, you’re loving them
[2012/03/27 16:28]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gilles, well, since then, it has been repeated. Anyway, the reason for bringing up that song, is that the man was clearly involved with a soulless woman.
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Appearance — being in SL, in Rl — doesn’t matter
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gilles Kuhn: which song?
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Not even if your projection is actually close to ‘reality’ (whatever that means)
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gilles Kuhn: (sorry audio was off i will put it on)
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): No problem for Einstein either Gilles. If the neutrions are observed going back in time, that is actually predicted by the theory and preserves C as the ultimate limit
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Violet (ataraxia.azemus): “…I rejoiced in the flaws that made her more real to me.”
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): The one I just quoted from.
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ari: the Swan of Avon is always right 😉
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I put it in text, Gilles.
[2012/03/27 16:29]  Gilles Kuhn: sorry rhi but nothing in special relativity speak of going back in time
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Scarp Godenot: I have a question for another week: Multiple Universe Theory is the ultimate violation of ‘Occam’s Razor’. We take Occam’s Razor as a major measure of Truth. Should we discard this idea or keep it?
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Extropia DaSilva: Cool
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Oooh a self-referencing affirmation!
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Gilles Kuhn: Scarp i consider everett solution as ridiculous indeed
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Gwyneth Llewelyn claps and loves it!
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, the Swan of AVon? But what about the hedgehog in MOntaigne?
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Wow, time’s up and we’ve already changed topics!
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: I have no idea who the hedgehog in Montaigne is!
[2012/03/27 16:30]  Extropia DaSilva: That is not Everett though. Many worlds and multiple universe is not the same thing.
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): Gwyn, lol! There is no hedgehog in Montaigne. That’s the point.
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Gwyneth Llewelyn is confused
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Extropia DaSilva: Scarp is wrong about occam;s razor but never mind, it is a good topic.
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Gwyneth Llewelyn usually is a confused person
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): He was a counter to “the false pig in Aesop.”
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Gilles Kuhn: rhi you like that one you tried it with the same result with me…
[2012/03/27 16:31]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Ahhh ok Rhi
[2012/03/27 16:32]  Gwyneth Llewelyn: Gwyneth Llewelyn should read more Aesop 😉
[2012/03/27 16:32]  Extropia DaSilva: well!
[2012/03/27 16:32]  Rhiannon of the Birds (rhiannon.dragoone): I guess I’m the only one in SL who has ever read C.K. Chesterton
[2012/03/27 16:32]  Extropia DaSilva: My time is up
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  1. Aw! I just browsed over to your blog to read about the poem for this week, which I missed for having crashed half a minute before your posted it in chat, and logged back in half a minute after you recited it…



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