After every Thinkers discussion I make up a short usually funny poem to sum up the debate. Here are all of the 2011 Thinkers end poems (the ones I remembered to save, anyway)

ORIGIN OF RELIGION:Why is religion here at all/ why do we answer to its call/ the answer is evolution it seems/ religion is just an effective meme!
MIND/MATTER Matter came first, obviously/ the evidence is clear/ but the reasoning holds just as well/ that is just another idea/ so not matter what common sense may say/ about matter predating mind/ it seems you never really stray/ and leave the mind, behind.
FAME AS AN SL ARTIST If an artist is famous in Second Life/ but you never heard of him/ that is the price for living life/ under a psuedonym.
SETI:Some say aliens will be down with god/ but I don’t think they’ll be liable/ when ET’s brethren took him home/ he did not take a Bible.
WEAK ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE: The weak anthropic principle/ tells us why we exist at all/ but not in a satsfactory way/ so we hope to find ourselves, one day/ a reason so simple it shall suffice/ to ask, ‘how could it have been otherwise’?
AI SUMMER: Winter has passed/ when AI failed/ the summer is coming/ when AI prevails/ with driverless cars and phones with Siri/ and humans defeated at Jeapordy!
BALKANIZED WEB: Sat here in my bubble/protected from disagreement/ if you speak out, there’s trouble/ so you just say what we meant/ we hear no contrary voices/ we can’t tell truth from lies/ we narrow down our choices/ our web is Balkanized!
DIZZY’SPLAN: DIzzy plans to save SL/ at least that’s what I heard/ By making apps that it can sell/ to the fans of Angry Birds/ They do not like SL you know/ that much at leastt is clear/ But then again if you like THAT game/ why would we want you here?
SOCIAL NETWORKS HUMAN RIGHTS: You don’t have to sign up for Google+/ but once they snare the rest of us/ you can either be isolated and alone/ or socialise and be, well, owned.
ANIMALISM: I am more than just an animal/like a tiger or pony or cod/’cause I’m made seperate from them all/ by a (non-existent) God.
MESH: When I turn up with my digital flesh/ sculpted out of nice new mesh/ when SL is not weighed down by prim/ will it no longer crash on a whim?
GENDER AND FRIENDSHIP: The genders treat friendship differently/ women are close/ but not so he/ not so keen to share his worries/ the study said nothing at all on furries.
SOCIAL MEDIA CRACKDOWN: The poem was censored today/ “They” finally had their way/ It started with riots/ then in the night, quiet/ they took all our voices away.
REBRANDING SL: For Philip SL was a vision/ A business platform for M/ But Rod Humble, he grumble/ yeah hear him mumble/ ‘I think different to them’/ make it all game/ and folks will remain/ ’twill be SL’s greatest hook/ But Hamlet Au cried out ‘nawwww! Make it like FACEBOOK!’
FILTER BUBBLE: I am stuck in a bubble/ my options are frugel/ all that I know/ is filtered by Google/ the websites I access/ the tip of iceberg/my products sold to me/ by Mark Zuckerberg
MR STAR WARS PREDICTS: If emotions are not made to improve/ in our robotic vessel/ We may find ourselves all being marched/ into the spice mines of Kessel
 EMOTION DETECTORS: They are making emotion inferrence tech/ to make society better/ apart from your auntie who will really know/ what you think of her hand-knitted sweater
THERE’S A HUMAN IN THERE: Most have human avatars/ like Zobeid, Lem and Gwyn too/ but soon you may here throughout the land/ ‘a fine Mesh you’ve got me into’!
APPOCALYPSE WHEN: I have to do a poem/ but now I am in a fix/ got a few lines at least/ when I saw a beast/ and its number was 666.
NEED FOR NATURE: A scientific team/ has a paper that has to be seen/ nature can heal/ but TV ain’t real/ conclusion? MORE GREEN. LESS SCREEN.
MACHINIMA: Machinimas are films that people make/ using videogames in their homes/ But, hey costly does not a good film make/ See ‘attack of the clones’.
POSTMODERN AVATAR: Now gender (the postmodern view)/ is a choice that is left up to you/ but if you choose to be ‘boy’/ you have little joy/ Since the shops have scant choice for you!
FOURTH ROBOT ETHIC: A robot looking just like me/ is against the ethics aparrently/ so as not to cross the ethical border/ blokes, cancel that RealDoll order!
DEATH OF OSAMA: Osama Bin Laden was killed in bed/ He died just like a wussie/ The Yanks may be dicks, the Jihadists asses/ BIn Laden, though, was a pussy
FREE WILL: So now I say in a poetical voice/ I have free will/ my life is my choice/ But if each week a poem’s demanded/ and I must do as I’m commanded/ then maybe in fact/ my will is not free/ Well, sod it I blame the primary!
ART’S ROLEPLAYING PARADOX:If you’re roleplaying/ what are you saying/ when you say ‘I love you’/ Artcrash would reply/ to that roleplaying guy/ it’s not authentic of you!”.
DEATH DAY: Someone told me he really knew/ when my life would be through/ I wrote this slowly to prove him wrong/ now it is published so sing along/ oh prophet oh prophet you had no clue/ you said Extie dies at 4:32!
WHITEHEAD’S UTOPIA: Whitehead said/ when we no longer think/ we achieve Utopia/ Another great thinker/ says ‘that stinks’/ Take a bow, Ms Dinova!
WE HATE CHANGE: Hamlet Au said we hate change/ finding Sl rearranged/ goodbye to the interface you knew/ say hello to viewer 2/ and then before your memory’s faded/ once again it’s all upgraded/ the only thing constant/ in this mixed-up bag/ is the persitence of our old chum, lag.
KNOWING THE TRUTH: No one knows what is really true/ including me and including you/ the truth will never ultimately out/ or so we are told from Socratic doubt.
Hyperpersonal effect: On monday I met someone/ on Tuesday fell in love/ On Wednesday said ‘your number one’/ by Thursday had enough/ on Friday we filed for divorce/ on Saturday we parted/ On Sunday I met someone new/ A new Sl week has started!
A MITCH IN TIME: It seems that Mitch/ has a theory to pitch/ about why SL is not mainstream/ it takes too much time/ for its good points to shine/ so it’s not on most people’s A-team/ if simple and shallow is all that you seek/ and you want nothing to challenge your noggin/ I say we are not missing very much/ if those lazy buggers don’t login!
EXPRESS YOURSELF:With gesture and motion/. we could copy emotion/ then we could know her and know him/ and I would mimic my primary/ like ‘YAWN TOO TIRED FOR A POEM!!’
I, SEXBOT: I have a bot and she’s really hot/ a total babe, I’m tellin’/ she’s up for hire/ so why not try her? She’s worth it, is Gwyneth LLewelyn.
MY PERFECT V-LOVE: You may not be married/ or been on a date/ but Cupid is coming/ just you wait/ he will find you a romance/ in your Second Life/ though god help you if you have a BITCH JEALOUS WIFE!!!
GAME ON FOR UTOPIA:Can we be made good workers, traders/ if RL were turned into Space Invaders?/ Would things be right, or would things go wrong/ If life were turned into Donkey Kong?/ In our consumer society/ one game would fit folk like we/ the ultimate consumerist plan/ turn the world into…Pac Man!
ALL THE MYRIAD WAYS: Ptolemy thought ‘all we can spy/ is but 6 planets and some stars in the sky/ Einstein thought the galaxy/ was all the universe there could ever be/ so when we deny the multiverse/ does our caution make us better than them?/ Or worse?
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