As all fans of James Cameron’s Avatar should know, Eywa is the deity of the Na’Vi: Taking the form of vast neural connection among all the flora and fauna of Pandora.
Life as we know it is dependent on oxygen, but now scientists have discovered bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen and complete their respiration cycles by touching nanowires to iron particles, offloading excess electrons to the environment.

Experiments have shown that two species of bacteria (G. metallireducens and G. Sulfurreducens) ‘live in electical symbiosis, sharing energy and life, simply by touching each other with their fine, conducting hairs. Nealson (that is, Keneth Nealson of the University of Southern California, LA) has shown something similar by using a metal wire to connect two colonies of [i]shewanella[/i], one supplied with food and the other in contact with an electron acceptor. Maintain the connection, and both colonies are fine. Cut the wire and both die”.

The New Scientist article that I am quoting  (‘LIVE WIRES’ by Catherine Brahic) goes on to say…

“Nanowires have now been observed sticking out of bacteria that live in the bottom of lakes, rivers and seas…Gorby and his colleagues say they see “wire like things” in everything from soybeans to hydrothermal vents in the ocean’s abyss. Gorby thinks nanowired bacterial networks might extend over hundreds of meters undergound…
…Gorby goes further: “I believe that there are electrically coupled biochemical processes going on in these microbial communities that are completely analogous to any brain chemistry we know” That does not mean an individual bacterium can think, any more than a single neuron can think. “But hook a few hundred trillion of them in an electrically intergrated circuit, and the only limits are our imagination”.

So, who knows? Maybe something like Pandora’s neural network really does exist? Now, if only we could figure out how to upload and download data to it, and live forever in Eywa…

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1 Response to IS THIS OUR EYWA?

  1. Archmage Atlantis says:

    To my thoughts, yes, E exists, the connection in this planet, it exists…..that it is unproved and much like shamanic magic, that is also a way for our limited being to see it…….My animals believe, my friends children seem to believe (from afar as I have no children)…….I see things in this lens……it does not make me correct, it only makes me human…….and I am proud to be human.

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