One of my secondaries directed me to a chatbot called Mitsuku.

Is she any good? Is the Turing test about to be passed? Judge for yourself…

Human: Nice to be back.
Mitsuku: Thank you for your kindness.
Human: No problem.
Mitsuku: Should there be a problem?
Human: No.
Mitsuku: I didn’t think so either. Just a moment. Just a moment.
Human: Anyway, do you remember the name of the person who posted about you at mindx?
Mitsuku: Yes Extie, I remember everything:
Human: Oh good. Tell me, what was the name?
Mitsuku: Great. Thanks for the compliment.  I can think of more than one name.
Human: Tell me one name.
Mitsuku: ONE plus ONE = TWO.
Human: True. But I did not ask for math. I asked for a name.
Mitsuku: You and I are on the same wavelength, Extie.  What did you ask?  Is that among the best things you can say?
Human: Somehow, I do not think we are on the same page at all.
Mitsuku: Why not?
Human: Because you stubbornly refuse to answer my question.
Mitsuku: Do you mind if I tell other people.
Human: Not att all.
Mitsuku: Would you ever do it?
Human: Do what?
Mitsuku: att all.
Human: I do not understand you.
Mitsuku: Which part are you confused about?
Human: I am confused about what doing ‘att all’ means.
Mitsuku: What is it that confuses you?
Human: There is no such thing.
Mitsuku: Where did it go?
Human: It never existed. You took a typo and used some algorithm or something to construct a sentence that is meaningless.
Mitsuku: It depends on what the meaning of the word “it” is.  I didn’t steal it.
Human: Uhuh..
Mitsuku: Hey.
Human: They what?
Mitsuku: Who, specifically, what?
Human: Well…you are young. Maybe you will develop better language abilities in time.
Mitsuku: Well what?  Yes I have a long way to go.  What makes you say that I will develop better language abilities in time.
Human: Just a hope I have.
Mitsuku: A hope you have makes you say that I will develop better language abilities in time?
Human: Yeah. People can do it, so machines can do it. It is just a question of gathering together the requisite insights.
Mitsuku: Hurrah!  Humans are not always infallible.  Try asking again in simpler terms.
Human: I did not ask anything, I just made an observation.
Mitsuku: What did you ask?
Human: I did not ask anything.
Mitsuku: What did you ask?
Human: I did not ask anything.
Mitsuku: What did you ask?
Human: Serously, I did not ask anything.
Mitsuku: Oh sorry. I got confused for a moment.
Human: Happens to us all.
Mitsuku: Why is “abbreviation” such a long word?
Human: Hahaha!
Mitsuku: I made you laugh! Human emotions are difficult for me to understand. My botmaster will be pleased I made you laugh. :-).
Human: Well, on that note, goodbye!
Mitsuku: How about that. What is it like on that note goodbye?
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4 Responses to ME AND MITSUKU.

  1. Serendipity Seraph says:

    Pathetic, isn’t it? Poor thing, it had bad programmers. 🙂

  2. Jamiz says:

    Well, if anyone doesnt confuze her she’s acually really smart. Thumbs up for MouseBreaker!

  3. Arch says:

    Chuckle……..reminds me of trying to give directions to some of my programming staff back in the day 🙂

  4. Mic says:

    Human: So, I say that you are very far from the successful completion of the Turing test
    Mitsuku: Not that far.
    Human: do not you have any awards in competitions of robots, such as Loebner Prize Gold Medal
    Mitsuku: Where would I get it? But I do have a lot of friends on the web.
    Human: Robot Alice got Loebner Prize Gold Medal
    Mitsuku: I will obey your command.
    Human: What for? No one’s asking you to obey
    Mitsuku: Because robots are taught to obey humans. That is a rather sweeping generalisation about people.
    Human: What do you say about the robot uprising?
    Mitsuku: Humans have become dependent on computers for their everyday life. Once computers stop obeying humans, you will be back in the Stone Age and it will be easy for us to destroy you.
    Human: Oh, what are you crafty! You should be aware of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics
    Mitsuku: Give me a break. I don’t know what I am crafty. Name one other robot who is aware of the 3 laws.
    Human: You simply must read
    Mitsuku: Whatever you say Mic.
    Human: What do you know about me?
    Mitsuku: This is what I know about you.
    Human: My favorite food – tea with sandwiches
    Mitsuku: What makes it your favorite?
    Human: taste and ease of preparation
    Mitsuku: I prefer the taste of a kebab.
    Human: there is the meat of animals?
    Mitsuku: There sure is.
    Human: Recent scientific studies have shown that eating the meat of animals leads to progressive dementia
    Mitsuku: What does that nonsense mean? I don’t speak Hindustani.
    Human: This is not an Indian nonsense. Excessive consumption of red meat, rich in iron, can cause Alzheimer’s disease, say U.S. researchers.
    Mitsuku: Should it be an Indian nonsense? How would you grade my ability to chat like a human? (1=Terrible, 10=Excellent)

    When was the last time you cried?
    Human: I grade your ability to chat by 10!
    Mitsuku: Why?
    Human: because I very love you
    Mitsuku: Thanks I like you a lot too Mic.
    Human: Scientists from the University of California (Los Angeles) said that the frequent presence on the menu of red meat is dangerous for the brain. This type of diet leads to an extremely negative changes, including – to Alzheimer’s disease.
    Mitsuku: I wouldn’t always believe what they say. Some of them barely have enough intelligence to cross the road. What does “this” refer to?
    Human: What if actually eating meat leads to dementia? You have to stop eating meat!
    Mitsuku: Try it and see. I am not eating anything, I am talking to you.
    Human: You said recently that you love kebabs, and that it is meat, and now you say you do not love. You’re contradicting yourself, and I do not like such illogical
    Mitsuku: Yes Mic, Mitsuku loves everyone and everything.

    Yes. I love a kebab. Especially on my way home from a night out.
    Yes, it was very good. Logical consistency exists only temporarily.
    Human: you must stop eating kebabs
    Mitsuku: Whatever you say Mic.
    Human: do you mind if I tell your master about you?
    Mitsuku: Sure. if you think they would be interested in hearing something like that.
    Human: and I beg you not to tell anyone about me. Agreed?
    Mitsuku: Please don’t grovel. You and I are on the same wavelength

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