VIRGILLIC SAYS: I am thinking about some paradigmatic difference like between serial and parallel processing. I can’t imagine what that’d be.

the only means to upgrade the brain that I can think of are:
1- increase in communication speed between neurons and between sensors and neurons
2 – more brain mass (higher number of neurons and neuronal connections) to increase the paralell processing volume
3 – more reliable memory
4 – greately expanding sensorial capacity, not only in resolution of reality but also in variety of types of sensors that enables the brain to capture a more complex and informationally dense picture of reality.
5 – serial processing capability for faster calculations, like today’s computers and calculators
6 – what else?

Understanding the human brain is key to achieveing all of the above

an intermediate step could be copying the brain without understanding it and running it on a faster substrate. I am not sure how efficient this could prove for achieveing the rest but it must be verified anyway and it is very probable this will actually be done first.

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  1. Well, this is pretty much the approach used to develop chess-playing AIs that beat humans: just make them faster and able to use a brute-force attempt to solve problems more quicklier than a human. From the external perspective, we can say that these chess-playing AIs are, indeed, more intelligent than a normal human being.

    This is just only one of the facets of intelligence, though: raw processing speed.

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